Our Friends Live in Our Phones—How Tech is Saving Our Relationships

Despite the terminology, “social distancing” is bringing many of us closer—thanks to the tech that bonds us together. When the CDC recommended that the U.S. start taking social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in early March, it was a new concept for most. But in the following days, weeks, and what may turn into months, people have found ways to stay connected—in fact, 58% say that during this pandemic, they have connected more deeply with friends.

Last fall in our culture report Time To Hit The Reset, we found that Millennials and Gen Z were using tech in new ways to connect with the people that matter the most—and they’re getting even more creative now. We called out a new type of apps and services cropping up: part datebook, part CRM system, and part relationship concierge. These apps and services are meant to help eliminate common relationship friction points like making plans or remembering special occasions, and keep users’ relationships a top priority by giving them new ways to strengthen their bonds. Now that nearly all of our relationships have moved online, such apps and services are a natural extension of our new normal.

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