Social Distancing Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Virtual Dating During Coronavirus

A Roman poet once said absence makes the heart grow fonder. Present-day online daters are leaning into this romantic notion during this time of social distancing when absence is the default setting on all new relationships. Despite the physical separation much of the country is experiencing, love is still blooming: 46% of 18-34-year-olds are currently using dating apps and/or social platforms for dating, and one in five say they are using them a lot.*

The pandemic has merged dating tactics of the past and the present: it’s forcing singles to engage in an extended courtship of long-distance communication, but they’re using modern tools to facilitate it. And they’re willing to put in the work: 52% wish they had a partner now more than ever.* It might not feel like the fairytales we grew up hearing, but even during quarantine, love can find a way.

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