All The Feels: How The “Quarantine Feelings” We’re Catching Will Change Our Future Selves

In our Fall Culture Report, we predicted that after recovering from the 2010s burnout, consumers would hit a hard reset on their value systems in 2020—reevaluating how they approached everything from their relationship with friends and family to their impact on the planet. However, instead of being in control of the reset button, 2020 forced us all to take a pause. The pandemic has made us take a deep look not only at our physical well-being but also our mental well-being. We found that 58% of 18-34-year-olds are feeling a rollercoaster of emotions, and 98% of survey respondents experienced more than one intense emotion in the past week.* Emotions ranged from feeling calm to overwhelmed, from feeling grief to happiness, from feeling defeated to hopeful. As we transition out of quarantine and enter a new world with new unknowns, we are prioritizing mental health to navigate the future.

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All The Feels: How The “Quarantine Feelings” We’re Catching Will Change Our Future Selves is part of Fullscreen’s new feature Culture Hot Takes from the Cultural Forecasting team, where we look at trends at the intersection of culture, entertainment, and brand intelligence, giving brands a glimpse of what’s new and next and how to capitalize on these key shifts. As our world has been hit by a pandemic, our lives have changed—all in different ways—whether we are a college student or part of the gig economy, a Millennial parent or a Gen Xer with aging parents, and whether we live in urban, suburban, or rural parts of the country. Even though it seems like the world has paused, culture is still shifting and shaping. As we move forward to a new normal together, Fullscreen is exploring how Millennial and Gen Z mindsets and behaviors are evolving.

The Fullscreen Culture Report takes an even deeper look at trends among young consumers and how brands can engage with them.

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Source: *Fullscreen TBH Mental Well-being Survey (N=378, 18-34-year-olds, May 2020)