CampaignVideo Labs : A&E


increase in
organic viewership (1yr)


increase in overall
number of engagements (1yr)


increase in minutes
watched (1yr)


increase in
subscribers (1yr)


Overcome the audience shift away from traditional TV viewership and help the brand stay relevant on YouTube. Build communities across all A&E YouTube properties, with viewership and increased subscribers as main KPIs.


To maximize discoverability and viewership, we implemented and continue to implement optimization best practices and utilize a consistent social video distribution strategy on all A&E YouTube properties. We deliver daily, weekly, monthly, and campaign-specific reporting that gives the client constant feedback and helps evolve strategies based on data. We also curate playlists, optimize metadata, and utilize cross-promotion strategies across all A&E properties. Our team repurposes A&E content to create mashups and quizzes, which contributes to a consistent release schedule––a key to building a loyal and engaged subscriber base.


"Fullscreen’s development of our YouTube channels has exceeded our expectations. They continue to be an invaluable resource and a pleasure to work with."

Joshua Mapes, Manager

Digital Content Strategy, A+E Networks